Now, I am approaching to college graduation ceremony. There's SOOO MANY people who helped me on my Final Project. There's no way of being cocky with this graduation. And I'll say many thanks to:

  1. Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala which always in my side on my life on my sleep and on my death.
  2. My Mom.The one who always supports me when near and when far from her. Always give me warmness even she's in sad. Always give me happiness even she's in pain. There's no one like her.
  3. My Girl [AI'] who's faraway but recently supports me too, everyday,everytime.
  4. All my friends in ComC 2003 Especially:
    • Yudha PS, thanks for supporting me. Thanks for pick me up and bring me anywhere I want. Your laptop etc. Without your help I can't finish this frustating Final Project.
    • Youfan, I always talk with you about life, about girls, and teasing Yudha :P. BTW. You and Yudha is my friends of Darkness 😛 [You know lah…]. Keep The Darkness always in our life until the End of The Day.
    • Fahmi, he's give me clue to break the MIPA's f**king birocracy system. Keep your good work, but you need to leave your computer and codes sometimes find some cutie and nice girl out there.
    • PeYANK Chilla. Your charm is not enough to make me love you but more than enough to make me happy and want to make fun of you. But thanks anyway for giving me some clue in the end of Final Project.
    • Teteh Lisa.There's no fun without you, my sis. You're the life of ComC. Without your bright smile, your weird language, or your unstoppable voice ,ComC is a lonely place for me. I hope you and your soulmate can married soon….. 😛
    • Ex-9C Peoples : Fachry, John Angga, Ajay make Fahmie, Youfan, and me frustated because of your weird and unlogically "Games Mikir","Jumilai Jumilai" and another unlogically word games.Our college courses is useless for solving you games.There's no algorithm or logic method to solve your game.However, It's fun.
    • Sinur, another and only girl of Darkness. But It's fun talking with you about anything.
  5. Sister Wulan, Sister Widhi, and Sister Susi. This three-sisters group always tease me. But this triplet always support me about my school, my life.. I love you all…
  6. Daisensei-tachi….
    • Mr. Moh Edi Wibowo, S.Kom. He don't notice that I'm his kouhai. But I proud having sempai like him. He's my consultant for My Final Project. Thank You Very Much my sempai!
    • Mr. Sri Mulyana, M.Kom. Thank you very much for helping me in my study for these 2 3/4 years in ComC.
    • Mr. Suprapto, M.Kom. Sorry unpoliteness of stopping you on the SIC ladder. But without your sign, my Final Project Document cannot be submitted.
    • Mr. I Gede Mujiyatna, S.Kom. Giving me some advices for my Final Project Document revision.
    • All Lecturers in Computer Science, Faculty of Math and Natural Science, GadjahMada University.
  7. Mr Jumari, and Ms Sri who help me submitting and arranging schedule for the this final project exam.
  8. Thanks for Greedy One of Gadjahmada for sucking enormous money from my parent and my friends' pocket. Just Lower That Admission Fee and permit poor student to study here.
  9. My Computer. DemonCat. This long journey with you is unforgettable.
  10. And all people who supports me to finish this Frustating Final Project.

There's no way of being cocky, because we can't live alone….



File bisa didownload dari sini :

Kompilasi program single source
Untuk kompilasi program yang terdiri dari satu buah source code, cukup mudah, dengan menggunakan perintah berikut ini:

gcc <input file> -o <output file>


gcc Hello_Single.c -o Single_Me

atau dalam MingW di windows (menggunakan MSYS dan rxvt)

gcc Hello_Single.c -o Single_Me.exe

Setelah kompilasi tersebut, maka akan tercipta sebuah file executable bernama Single_Me (Linux) atau Single_Me.exe(Windows)

Mengeksekusi program yang dihasilkan

Untuk mengeksekusi program, dalam terminal cukup diketik


Maka program akan dieksekusi di console

Membuat program untuk di-debug

Jika ingin membuat program yang kemudian bisa didebug menggunakan gdb,tambahkan -g ke dalam option kompilasi:

gcc -g Hello_Single.c -o Single_Me

perintah ini akan menghasilkan simbol-simbol yang digunakan debugger dalam proses debug.

Kita bisa menghilangkan simbol ini dengan perintah strip

strip Single_Me

Setelah di-strip, maka file akan menjadi lebih kecil, karena simbol-simbol debugging sudah dihilangkan dari executable


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